Updated September 12, 2021

GOLFl8 is taking extra precuations to ensure your saftey while maintaining a great golf atmosphere

Government Regulations

  • The vaccination passport must be presented to enter the premises. Cliquer ici pour lires les d├ętails
  • A face covering must be worn when entering and when moving about the center.

  • Other measures have also been implemented to ensure distancing and safety while at GOLF18:

  • Seperators have been installed between the simulators to ensure distancing between groups.
  • Disinfectant is available at the entrance for hand disinfecting.
  • One player should be assigned to handle the touch screen and mouse.
  • Each player receives their own ball at the start of their game and return it at the end for disinfection and quarenteen.
  • Disinfection of high touch points using disinfectant approved as effective against COVID-19 by Health Canada./li>
  • A plexiglass divider has been installed at the cash to ensure distancing while entering and paying.

  • Thank you all in advance for helping us maintain a safe and enjoyable environment.